Here’s your chance…


to get rid of the continuous useless drivel surrounding the various polls covered by today’s media.  Their insatiable appetite for new information gives us ever changing poll information that has little to do with the voting reality in the primary or general election.

If you’re as tired as I am of endless polls reflecting miniscule changes from day to day, then register your displeasure by visiting this site often.

Here’s what I propose: When called by a pollster, tell them any answer but a real one. If enough of us participate, the polls will soon become meaningless.

Here’s your chance to not only register your opinion (in a perverse way, of course) but you can have some fun with it.


  • the most unlikely candidate
  • inflate your family earnings – here’s your chance to be in the top 1% of wage earners – tell ’em you make $500K a year!
  • tell them you’re not registered, but that you’ll vote anyway since you know they can’t check – you’ll just use a neighbor’s name

In the early days a counter and a simple poll will track interest in our cause. Later, we might just sign in and not only be counted, but also, be heard.