Here’s your chance…

…to get rid of the continuous useless drivel surrounding the various polls covered by today’s media.

Their insatiable appetite for new information gives us ever changing poll information that has little to do with the voting reality in the primary or general election.

If you’re as tired as I am of endless polls, reflecting miniscule changes from day to day, then register your displeasure by visiting this site often.

Here’s what I propose: When called by a pollster, tell them any answer but a real one. If enough of us participate, the polls will soon become meaningless.

Here’s your chance to not only register your opinion (in a perverse way, of course) but you can have some fun with it. You know you want to. 🙂


  • the most unlikely candidate (what better way to obscure the data?)
  • when they ask your race why tell the truth? It’s none of their business… tell them you’re an African-American, a Native American (whatever that is), or go exotic… and tell them you’re a Pacific Islander. That’d be cool, wouldn’t it?
  • tell them you’re not registered to vote, but that you’ll vote anyway, since you know they can’t check – you’ll just use a neighbor’s name who isn’t going to vote

In the early days a counter and a simple poll will track interest in our cause. Later, we might just sign in and not only be counted, but also, be heard.


1 thought on “Here’s your chance…

  1. All of the polls already have a fatal flaw – self-selection bias. The largest single group is the group of NON-respondents. Whatever reason(s) they may have for choosing not to participate in the poll, those are reasons they do NOT share with those who choose to participate anyway.
    Those who select themselves out of the poll are (1) never reported, (2) a statistically significant fraction of the sample, and (3) guaranteed to have opinions that do not match those of the participants.
    The pollsters are totally (and forever) unable to account for this effect, and can only report on the results they *actually* receive from those without the motivation or will to choose not to respond.
    To report the results as anything other than the collective opinions of a large flock of sheep is disingenuous in the least and mendacious at worst.

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